Zoolz Free Backup for Mobile And Tablet

Zoolz Intelligent is an innovative app that can protect all the files on your device, organize them for you, and help you find photos using our powerful facial recognition tool. It’s a cloud backup service with a twist. A growing pain for businesses is having masses of unstructured data scattered across desktops, laptops and mobile devices. With no time and inadequate security measures to protect these valuable data assets, we decided to create a solution that can not only organise your data, but protect it with military-grade encryption.

Boost collaboration and productivity with Zoolz Intelligent. From a handheld device, users can discover any content from any device and also protect their data stored on their tablet or mobile phone.

Key Features

● BACKUP – Protect all your photos, videos, documents, call logs, messages and calendars. Extend the storage of your device.

● SEARCH ANYTHING BY KEYWORDS – Forget filenames easily? With the Zoolz app, you can search any file by keywords, phrases and names.

● FACIAL RECOGNITION – Upload photos from your camera roll, or connect your Facebook account to organize your photos by faces. Find possible matches, and name your friends, family and pets to search photos instantly.

● A.I. PHOTO DETECTION – Whether it’s pictures of your pet, selfies from your recent holiday, or cute pictures of your child, you can search for photos by the things that appear within them.

● VIDEO & AUDIO STREAMING – Re-watch HD and 4K videos without any delay. Listen to your music library without skipping a beat.

● BACKUP YOUR FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, DROPBOX – Centralize all your files into one location. Connect and backup your Dropbox, Facebook, Google Drive and Box account to automatically access files whenever you need them.

● SHARE FILES NO MATTER THE SIZE – You’re no longer limited by phone or tablet capacity. Securely share memories with friends and family, even if they don’t have a Zoolz account. With just a tap, you can instantly share your photos and videos to loved ones via WhatsApp, Facebook and other platforms.

● UNIFIED CLOUD – Backup your computers, laptops and external drives into one location.

● MANAGE MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS – Got a family account? You can now set access levels for who can view, watch and share files and get real-time insights.

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