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The new and exciting Windows 10 may seem like a better operating system on paper, but many people choose to avoid it, due to some of its features. Fortunately, there is already more than one way to make Win 10 less annoying. One of them is W10Privacy, which gives you the possibility of disabling reminders, updates and other nagging features which are shoved down our throats.

W10Privacy is free and you can have it up and running in no time. All you have to do is download an archive and extract its contained executable. You don’t have to go through an installation process, but you may need to wait for about half a minute when you launch the application.

The changes you can make to your operating system are categorized on a series of tabs, on W10Privacy’s user interface. All you have to do is click the check boxes next to the changes you wish to make and click a button, in the lower part of the interface, to apply the changes. Some tweaks are applied instantly, while others require a reboot.

The software places options for countless tweaks at your disposal. You can disable features that send out personal information to Microsoft, kill various annoying tasks and make a wide range of settings, for which the latest Windows version doesn’t provide support anymore. If you can’t figure out what a certain option does, you can just hover with the mouse cursor over it, to reveal a useful description.

W10Privacy gives you the possibility of tacking control over the Windows operating system again.

You can make a wide range of changes to Windows 10. The software lets you disable all sorts of annoying and intrusive features. Everything is well organized and explained.

There are no serious issues to mention.

You can download W10Privacy free here.

Publisher’s website : www.winprivacy.de


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