TuneUp Utilities 2014

TuneUp Utilities is an all-around application suite that integrates intuitive options for keeping Windows at optimized levels. It is wrapped up in a clean UI and has a bunch of perks to offer, such as one-click maintenance.


– Clean and intuitive UI
– One-click maintenance
– Automatic maintenance
– Registry cleaner and defragger
– Fully customizable options
– Startup manager

TuneUp Utilities 2014

Easily find and remove unnecessary duplicate files

Symptoms: Your PC is running out of disk space quickly, even though you’ve removed temporary data with our improved Disk Cleaner!

Cause: Over time, a lot of unnecessary clone files accumulate on your hard disk. These could be backup copies of files you forgot, photos you accidentally saved twice, or personal videos you cloned for editing – but also many programs regularly clone files that you don’t need!

Solution: With Duplicate Finder, you’ll easily find duplicate files across your entire hard disk. Cloned photos, music titles, videos, documents – no matter what file type, we’ll help you figure out which version of the file you need and which you can safely delete. You’ll often get back gigabytes of unnecessary data in no time.

The Recipe for a Clean PC

Symptoms: Your hard disk is clogged up by redundant data crud, you’re running out of free space for your important personal data and even your brand-new PC runs like it’s years old.

Cause: Windows® and your programs constantly save log files, “Most Recently Used“ lists and temporary data on your hard disk – but “forget” to delete them. Over time, that leads to critical disk space issues and problems with you applications.

Solution: That’s the perfect job for our improved Disk Cleaner. Now, TuneUp Utilities 2014 removes system clutter from more than 150 popular PC programs in just a few clicks – including iTunes® and Windows® 8 apps. And thanks to our new Automatic Cleaning Updates this list of apps is ever-growing.

TuneUp Registry Cleaner

Symptoms: When working at your PC, you get countless error messages, performance is unusually low and there are constant delays.

Cause: Over the course of a computer’s lifetime, hundreds of entries are left over in the registry database of Windows®. These so-called values and keys refer to files, file types, applications, folders, or startup programs that no longer exist.

Solution: TuneUp Registry Cleaner solves these problems by detecting and fixing registry errors such as:

  • Startup entries that a 3rd party application forgot to delete, which could lead to problems during startup
  • Invalid file type pointers, which could lead to problems while opening files
  • Orphaned entries within the list of installed applications, which could lead to trouble when installing or uninstalling

TuneUp Registry Defrag

Your registry inevitably ends up being full of “gaps” upon cleaning, or simply using your PC. Over time, the Windows® registry continues to grow and grow. TuneUp Registry Defrag performs complete registry restructuring and gets rid of all the gaps. This leads to fewer problems when accessing the database, as well as overall improved performance.

Edit the registry

TuneUp Utilities 2014 supports PC professionals with Windows® registry edits. TuneUp Registry Editor is more comprehensive and easier to use than Windows® own registry editor “regedit”. It includes an easy-to-use search function, as well as an intuitive “Favorites” function that makes it simple to edit permissions. It’s foolproof, too, as unwanted changes can be easily corrected in the TuneUp Rescue Center.

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