Spybot – All-in-one antispyware and antivirus software

Spybot – Search & Destroy® is still free for private use but now also have more advanced products for  home users that include anti virus protection. With  new range of products users can remove annoying startup programs, securely delete files to ensure confidentiality or backup up important registry settings.

Finding and removing malware

The main purposes of Spybot – Search & Destroy are preventing new and locating and removing existing malware.

The first purpose is taken care of by Live Protection, a feature of all paid editions, and the second one by our on-demand System Scanner.

The System Scanner checks the whole system against our constantly growing database of malware threats, and if your Spybot includes antivirus, it will also use an award-winning antivirus engine to scan selected or all drives for viruses. Updates to the virus engine are usually released multiple times a day.

Scan iPhone apps

Spybot - All-in-one antispyware and antivirus softwareMobile devices are a rich target for tracking and advertising companies. Most free and some paid mobile apps are either displaying ads or using various tracking mechanisms.

While not available for modern mobile platforms directly yet, Spybot on a machine that gets synchronized with an iOS device (like an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) is able to scan iTunes’ local copy of the synchronized apps for illegit and sometimes illegal tracking software that is included.

Due to the nature of iTunes and iCloud synchronization, the Phone Scan is unable to completely remove this software, and instead informs you to give you the choice of removing it directly on your device.

Anti virus protection

The Home, Professional, Technician and Corporate Editions of our product now include full antivirus protection. This means that our product now protects you against all kinds of malicious software. By using both antispyware and antivirus protection Spybot +AV detects adware, keyloggers, malware, rootkits, trojan horses, spyware and viruses.

This full range protection can be used in system scans, file scans and is also used in the Live Protection. Spybot +AV can also scan any local or remote harddisks and the system memory for viruses.

Internet Protection

Spybot +AV has its own web proxy server that protects your system against malicious websites and cookies. If this feature is enabled it acts as the default system proxy and access to the Internet will use the Spybot proxy. The Spybot proxy sits between your browser and the server that hosts the website you requested so any traffic from the website must pass through the proxy before arriving  at your system.

Spybot proxy allows to use connect to other existing proxies as well, and will set itself up accordingly to connect to a previously set up system proxy.

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