Photo Editor for Windows

Photo Editor is a desktop application that makes it possible to modify existing photographs and images with several different tools. The application runs under all modern versions of Windows. At just under 8 megabytes, it downloads fast and installs in only a few seconds. The program is a photo editor only. It does not really have any tools or options that would allow a user to create graphics or illustrations from scratch. The program loads quickly and requires few system resources to run.

Easy To Use

Photo Editor is very easy to use. The main display has a file browser and thumbnail viewer on the left. The main window shows the currently selected photo. The top bar is a ribbon with all the different tools clearly displayed as icons. Nearly every tool like the remove red-eye filter can be activated with just a single click. The program automatically attempts to detect the red-eye and remove it from the image. All tools also have a manual option that allows users to specify different settings to get various results.

Fun Filters

Unlike some other editing programs, some of the filters in Photo Editor are actually fun. The caricature filters lets users drag the mouse across a photograph so that the image becomes progressively more distorted. This can be used to make pets smile or to change the size of eyes. The makeup filter gives users the power to change pixels or small areas of the image with different tools. This makes it possible to airbrush or blur away blemishes and strange image artifacts.

Limited Capabilities

One of the main issues with Photo Editor is that the number of tools and the capabilities of those tools are limited. Some of the advanced tools that allow for editing color histograms or adjusting color levels with a graph are not present. Additionally, some of the tools do not function as expected. Adjusting the contrast on some images actually causes odd color changes depending on the photograph.

Limited Help

New users might be frustrated because there is limited help for Photo Editor. There is a large help button on the top ribbon. Most help topics link to a website address and will open a browser. Unfortunately, most of the links are broken and no longer exist. This can make learning how to use some of the tools difficult for people with no editing experience. No local help files are included.

Simple Navigation and Batch Processing

A good feature is the simple navigation and batch processing. Navigating directories is very straightforward. If a directory is selected, then thumbnails of all the images in the directory appear in the frame on the bottom left. Just clicking once will open the image in the main display. Clicking a directory and selecting a tool will apply that filter to every image in the directory.

Download Photo Editor for Windows here


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