PC Services Optimizer

PC Services Optimizer tweaks Windows services in an easy and safe way in order to achieve the best computer performance and reliability. Tweak Windows Services with a Mouse Click! Significantly boosts PC performance and enhances security. Dozens of background Windows services are running by default most of them you do not need at all, slowing down your computer and consuming its resources. Here it come PC Services Optimizer which is the ideal solution for tweaking them in an easy, safe and efficient way in order to significantly boost computer performance and security.

Automatic Optimization

PC Services Optimizer makes it very easy for you to tweak dozens of unnecessary Windows services without getting involved with any technical complexities. The services optimization process is automatic and based on how you use your computer, this is done without affecting normal system functions. The end result would be a faster and more secure computer.

Manual Optimization

In addition to automatic services tuneup which is great for novices, PC Services Optimizer provides experienced users with the necessary tools which allow them to customize the optimization process of Windows services.

Games Optimization

PC Services Optimizer comes with Gaming Mode that effectively boosts your computer gaming performance. Gaming Mode gives your system an immediate performance boost by temporary suspending unnecessary Windows features to free up computer resources and focus processing power on games you play.

Safe Optimization

PC Services Optimizer is a very safe tweaking solution that comes with Rescue Center that can undo any changes made by PC Services Optimizer and other software to your Windows service settings.

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Publisher’s website : www.smartpcutilities.com

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