Microsoft Edge Browser the faster and safer

Microsoft Edge Browser yes the latest, fast and safe browser from Microsoft replacing the old Internet Explorer. Most of the internet users moved from Internet Explorer to other platforms like Google Chrome, Opera and Firefox etc. for their user friendly and fast browsing experience. Microsoft Edge is available for Windows, Android and iOs platforms although its currently available for Windows 10 only.

Streamlined browsing experience

The idea of Microsoft Edge is to be as fast, clean, and lightweight as possible to cope with the demands of different devices, whether it be a PC, tablet or phone. Microsoft has certainly simplified and streamlined the browsing experiencein Microsoft Edge. While the new browser may include more features, it sports a minimalist look, even more so than Chrome.

The headline features that Microsoft Edge introduces includes a reading mode, which is a stripped back version of a web page. The Reading List (first seen as a Windows 8 feature) allows you to save articles in this format to return to later. Another notable introduction is the ability to annotate your webpage with notes and highlight different areas, whether you are using a mouse, stylus or your finger. These notes can then be shared via OneNote.

Microsoft Edge also integrates Microsoft’s virtual assistant Cortana, which provides a more complete browsing experience by taking into account all the information you have already provided it when it displays results.

Thanks for the memory

While Microsoft Edge may boast a new rendering engine (this basically turns a web page’s code into the display that we see on screen) designed to speed up browsing, this is difficult to judge as we installed Windows 10 on a virtual machine. The browsing experience wasn’t any faster in this test, however Microsoft Edge does consume less memory.

A new browsing era

Microsoft Edge is still a work in progress, but first impressions are certainly positive. Microsoft has managed to significantly improve the browsing experience while adding some interesting new features. Ultimately, browsing speed is a touch hit and miss at the moment but, if Microsoft nails this improvement, it could be have another cross-platform success on its hands.

Edge Browser Extensions

Extensions are hardly a new capability in Web browsers, and even Internet Explorer had some extensibility, with toolbars, WebSlices, and Accelerators. But Edge brings the promise of full Firefox- and Chrome-style extensions.

In fact, Edge’s extension developers will use the same JavaScript and HTML standard code used by those two competing browsers for their extensions. Furthermore, Microsoft’s Vice President for PC-Tablet-Phone, Joe Belfiore, stated that extensions programmed for Chrome or Firefox would only require minimal coding to work in Edge. At the keynote, he demoed an extension for Reddit that would let you vote on stories and a Pinterest extension that let you share pages.

An important note about extensions in Edge is that the feature won’t ship with Windows 10 RTM (release to manufacturing) this summer, but will come in a later update.


Windows 10’s voice assistant seems to be popping up everywhere, and Edge is no exception in this regard. When you land on a page for which directions make sense—say you’re on a restaurant’s webpage—Cortana pops up with her familiar blue circle in the browser toolbar proposing relevant information. You can also right-click on selected text to have Cortana find info about the selection.

New-Tab Page

People hit that bar atop the browser to open a new tab over a billion times a day, and Microsoft wants to make good use of that real estate. IE’s new-tab page was actually one of the more useful among the browsers, all of which let you search and see thumbnails of your most-visited sites, but also let you re-open closed tabs and see site suggestions. In Edge, the new-tab page still shows top sites, but also app suggestions, weather, sports scores, and video suggestions. Interestingly, the page doesn’t show an address bar, but you can type a URL into its search box.

An Edge Among Browsers

Microsoft’s new browser shows promise, and seems to be moving in all the right directions—faster speed, more standard support, extensions, and even a couple of unique features like page markup and Cortana integration. The fact that it will deliver the same experience on every device size—from Raspberry Pi to HoloLens to Xbox One—is another advantage. To try it out.

Get Microsoft Edge here

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