iBoysoft File Protector for Windows

iBoysoft File Protector help you encrypt files and folders with one password. Protect your private data from viewing, altering or deleting by theft, virus or ransomware attacks.

One Password Protection

Different passwords are really hard to remember and prone to be stolen. To this point, iBoysoft File Protector uses only one password to protect files, folders and drives so as no other persons except you can open and modify the files.

Three Protection Methods

Enable you to encrypt data in three methods: Deny delete access, Deny read access and Deny write access. Simply choose any or all of them according to actual needs, you can restrict others’ access to your protected files and folders in different ways.

Customizable Access Permissions

It not only allows a specific application to access protected files, but also allows one protected file to be accessed by several applications. This unique feature is helpful when you protect a file but want the frequently-used applications to open the file without limit.

Make Your Data Immune from Virus and Ransomware

Worry about being a victim of virus, malware and ransomware attack? iBoysoft File Protector also delivers proven and powerful protection against ransomware and virus attacks, which blocks sensitive files/folders from being altered maliciously.

Download iBoysoft File Protector for Windows here

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