Google Photos Screensaver without Installing Picasa


Google Photos Screensaver 2.0 is a wonderful screen saver that allows you to display pictures from the web, PC, web albums and photo feeds. Instead of having just a blank screen or just one picture as a screen saver, with Google Photos Screensaver you can have many pictures as a slide show that changes every few seconds and acts as a screen saver after a certain time interval set by you on your computer.

Moreover, this application also allows you to set up the visual effects such as wipe,collage, pan,cross fade and zoom, and the time interval of each photo. If you are bored of your static or plain screen saver, this is perfect for you. Once you run it, you will love to have incredible pictures from different sources and changing all the time.

Google photo screen saver used to be part of Google Pack. Then Google decided to move it under Picasa. That means, that if you want to use Google photo screen saver you have to install Picasa.
I use Adobe Light Room to edit my photos and I love it. I love Google’s photo screen saver. It shows photos much more nicely then Microsoft’s built-in photos screen saver and also ads more sources to get photos (like RSS feeds from the internet).
I wanted to install Google’s photo screen saver without needing to install Picasa. I managed to do it easily by installing Picasa, grabbing it’s screen saver file: GPhoto.scr and then uninstalling Picasa.
If you would like to use Google photo screen saver without needing to install Picasa,  you can simply download it here, then place this file under Windows folder: c:windows (or you own windows installation folder). When going to screen savers selection on Windows (the location of this option depends on your Windows version, but can be easily found) you should see Google’s photos screen saver on the screen savers list.
Enjoy it!

Google Photos Screensaver 


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