DropBox – Sync Files on Multiple Computers

Dropbox is the place for your photos, docs, videos, and other files. Files you keep inDropbox are safely backed up and you can get to them from all your devices. Secure File Sharing and Storage File Access Anywhere Dropbox keeps your files safe, synced, and easy to share. Bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and never lose a file again.

Do you work on multiple computers during the day? Perhaps one at work and one at home? Maybe one is a Mac and another is a PC or one PC at home and another at office? Well there are a lot of files that you may create or update on one machine that you suddenly need on the other. Sure, you could use a USB drive, but that is very manual and error prone.
If you need to have a common collection of files that are synchronized and instantly available everywhere, you should use Dropbox – Secure online file sync. DropBox is a service that allows you to sync files between multiple computers via their servers.

I have a few computers in my house: A windows desktop in my Office, Windows laptop downstairs, a Linux Laptop in our Bedroom (My Wife’s) and a new MacBook Pro where I do most of my writing now. I have some files on my old Windows desktop and laptop that I need on my MacBook and newly created files that I want back on my PCs. The other problem is that I need to work with certain Windows or Mac only apps at different times. This allows me to move all of the files that I need back and forth to the machine where I need to work in “real-time”.

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If I do a Screencast on my PC, I just put it into my DropBox and upload it from my Mac when I’m ready. If I make something in iMovie on my Mac, I just drop it in and open it on my PC later.

What exactly is Dropbox?

This is how DropBox describes their service:

Dropbox is the easiest way to share and store your files online.

Works like you do
No complicated interface to learn. Dropbox runs in the background on your desktop.

Worry-free syncing
Sync your files automatically to your computers and the web.

It’s everywhere you are
Sign in and access your files from any browser or mobile device.

Easy sharing
Sharing files with your friends and family is just two clicks away.

View your photos in a gallery and share them easily with anyone.

How to Use DropBox – Video Tutorial Here

DropBox – Sync Files on Multiple Computers Download here

Overview: Learn how to keep your files in sync across multiple computers with this Dropbox Tutorial.


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