Create Personalized Email Templates Using BrandMyMail

BrandMyMail is a simple and powerful online application that facilitates you services to create personalized email templates.

Now there is no need to go for the hard way when you can create professions looking emails over BrandMyMail. This web application to create personalized email suits best for the bloggers and website owners. The included online email templates editor allows you to achieve the desired layout with all options included (like blog feeds and social media integration). BrandMyMail is in total compatibility with Gmail.

In the following section, we have included a short review over the available options on BrandMyMail application for Gmail.

How To Get Started Over BrandMyMail To Create Personalized Email Templates:

  1. Getting started is a very simple process free from login/registration. On the home page you will find ‘Get started’ link. Simply follow it and in no time the following interface will be in front of you.

BrandMyMail (1)

The drag and drop interface is quite simple-to-use. Simply select the options, customize them and include them in your template. In addition, you can browse for online email template ideas and start working over it.

Plug-in Support over BrandMyMail:

  • This is the real key feature of the whole concept. You can easily include them to your template and deliver a professional touch to your email. The options and customization will vary as per the plug-in selected by you.

BrandMyMail (3)

  • Now, when you think that everything has been set in order; click over preview button to see the output. If not satisfied then continue with email template editing over BrandMyMail. Finally, click over ‘I’M done’ button. After that you will be prompted for Gmail authorization. To continue, it will be necessary that you grant the requested permissions.
  • Lastly, it will be time to install Google Chrome plug-in. If you skip this step, you’ll have to connect your mail client to BrandMyMail later, this can be done in the settings page. The installation is quick and won’t take much time.
  • The next time you will compose an email the following changes will be visible in the Gmail Interface.


BrandMyMail (2)

How T Send Email Using BrandMyMail:

Add recipients and specify a subject for the new email. The only thing remaining is to click over the BrandMyMail send button (the one with a mail icon).

* For sending normal emails simply use the default send button of Gmail.

The Final Verdict:

The BrandMyMail application is really useful. Something that you must try. Suits best for one-to-one correspondence. Not to forget that its 100% free.

* as per the official guidelines is BrandMyMail only compatible with Gmail. In addition, it cannot be utilized for mass mailing as the workflow is all manual.

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