Baidu Launcher Mobo Market for Android

MoboMarket (for Android) is one of the best third-party Android Market Applications in the world. Tons of Apps over 300,000 apps, 100% free made for you. MoboMarket is an Android Market App with full App manager features, offering Android Market, Android Games Download, Android App Download, Android.


Baidu Launcher is a product that’s designed to make the beautification of your smartphone as an enjoyable experience.
It offers a user-friendly interface, smooth user interactions and vast volume of wallpapers and themes across many different categories.

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Huge volume of High-Definition wallpapers and themes

Discover Popular Apps & Games Around You

Want to know what is popular among your local areas?

MoboMarket has the Top List of over 800,000 apps.

Tell MoboMarket where you are,

you will have a list of popular Apps & Games, served in your native language.

New Excitements Everyday

Our professional editors picks nice Apps & Games and recommend to you.

Click download and bring them to your Android.

You will always have something new to play.

App Download, Backup, Access Files and More

Besides App Download & Game Download,

MoboMarket gives you full control over your Android phones.

All files will be easy to access with MoboMarket.

Keep backups to contacts

and important files in a personal places like your PC.

Download Mobo Market for Android here

Download Mobo Market for PC here

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