Android Sync for Windows

Android Sync for Windows is an Android Market App with full App manager features, offering Android Market, Android Games Download, Android App Download, Android Backup, Android file Manager and many more. Welcome to use Android Sync for Windows!


Android Sync for Windows is a free PC software, enables you to easily manage multimedia files from your Android devices, back up important data, send SMSs, make music and download new apps, full version and free. While most mobile phones enable you to customize their appearance, smartphones have pushed the mark even higher. Android Sync for Windows is a light tool software that can aid you in managing your Android phones straight from the PC. Furthermore, you can use the app to send messages straight from the PC, with the added ability to send group messages in an instant. Android Sync for Windows helps you connect the phone to the computer through the USB cable or WI-FI. The connection wizard helps by showing what needs to be done at each step.

The app has a pretty simple and clean interface, which only consists of several tabs and a pane in which to display the information selected. As a result, the program should be quite easy to figure out by all users, including those less experienced. The program can help manage your private data by creating backup logs for contacts, call logs and messages on the phone. Thus, if anything happens to the phone, you still have the data on the computer. All in all, Android Sync for Windows is a nice software that can be quite helpful if you want to keep your smartphone up to date with the latest trends. Less experienced users should find this app quite simple to handle, thanks to the intuitive layout and its overall simplicity. The computer’s performance is going to be affected only when dealing with a large number of files in the same time, yet the response time is quite good.

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