AceSpy Monitoring Software Overview

AceSpy is PC spy software monitoring for home or office use. Secretly see everything your child or employee does online. Get an hourly email report.

Records and Forwards Emails

Learn about email activity on the montored computer.

AceSpy Spy Software provides you a way to silently see their emails as they appeared in Windows Mail, Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora and most other email clients. As soon as an email to or from your child or employee is accessed, AceSpy captures the ENTIRE message sent or received. All messages are easily viewed within AceSpy’s interface.

AceSpy  Monitoring Software (2)Users of AceSpy can also choose to have all recorded emails INSTANTLY forwarded to them. This feature is triggered the very instant an email is captured. It forwards you the email of your child or employee so you can make sure they behave online. Forwards to any SMTP email or Stealth Email for remote log storage.

Chat Recording and Forwarding

Monitor chat room activity.AceSpy records BOTH SIDES of chat conversations and instant messages. Both sides of conversations are recorded as actual text logs and are easily viewed from within the interface. Records Yahoo! Instant Messenger, Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger/MSN, ICQ, Paltalk and more. Also records Facebook screenshots every 15 seconds!.

The instant they finish their conversation, AceSpy can also forward a copy of it to your email address (excluding screenshot recordings). Forwards to any email or RXS Stealth Email for remote log storage. With Stealth Email you simply log into a website to view results from any location. Finding out whom they are chatting with and what they are saying is now easier than ever before.

Web Site Recording and Blocking

Monitor internet activity and block web sites.AceSpy  Monitoring Software (3)Do you suspect that your employee is visiting web sites they shouldn’t be? Is your child researching drugs or other dangers? The only way to know for sure is to record web sites they visit. AceSpy records all web addresses (URLs) with date/time visited. Works in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape and Opera browsers.

Along with searchable web logs, AceSpy also has the power to block unwanted web sites from being visited. Simply create a list of unwanted web site URLs, or select from categories to block. When a URL is accessed, it is forcibly closed. You can also opt for an Instant Email Alert.

Keystroke and Password Recording

Records every keystroke typed.Just what exactly does your child or employee type on the computer? Keystrokes are perhaps one of the most important aspects of monitoring. What or WHOM they search for online and much more can be learned from what they type. AceSpy records every keystroke typed along with the Window name in which it was typed.

AceSpy records your child’s usernames and passwords typed into ANY webmail, gaming or other types of online accounts. You will be able to see what page they logged in on, along with all keystrokes typed within that page. The optional text filter adjusts any “backspaced” or “edited” characters to make reading key logs a breeze.

AceSpy  Monitoring Software (4)Enhanced Facebook and FacebookIM Capturing

Social Media Monitoring

Are you worried that your child is using Facebook inappropriately? Only AceSpy brings you advanced recording features specifically designed to capture Facebook activities. AceSpy silently saves a FULL copy of every page visited to your computer. This includes mail, search and other pages accessed.

YouTube Capture

Capture YouTube videos watched.

Want to know what videos your child or employee is viewing on YouTube? AceSpy is the best software to monitor YouTube videos. The report shows the link to the videos viewed, what time they were viewed, the title of the video, and the user who viewed it.

Automatic Screenshot Recording

See screenshots of the monitored computer.

AceSpy is also just like a hidden surveillance camera pointed directly at your PC screen. It records away anything done; no matter if the PC is online OR offline! By default, AceSpy takes sixty screen snapshots every hour and stores them silently. You can determine how frequently AceSpy records – as often as once per second.

Webcam Recording

AceSpy Captures Webcam Snapshots.

Web cameras haven’t normally been used as a surveillance tool. But it’s now possible to do this very thing with AceSpy. Imagine being able to aim your webcam at your child or employee. Were they doing something OFF the computer that they shouldn’t have been doing?

Parental Controls and Scheduling

Take charge of computer time and activities.

Along with watching what they type, you can also block specific web sites, web sites by category, or applications you don’t want them to access. Block entire web sites by entering any domain name such as Block categories from our standard list. You can also enter keywords that when encountered *within* a web page, it closes the browser.

If you want to monitor or block activity during specific time periods of the day, you can activate the AceSpy Scheduler. Let’s say you only want to monitor your son’s activities from 6pm-8pm nightly. This can be easily achieved using AceSpy. Simply select the appropriate times and his activities will be monitored at those times only.

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