10 Best Free Temp File Cleaner

Here is a list of 10 best free temp file cleaner software. These temp file cleaner software let you clean and optimize your PC easily. All these temp file cleaner software are completely free and can be downloaded to Windows PC. These temp file cleaner software offer various features, like: remove temporary files from various system folders, remove unused files, maintain privacy, cleans traces of your web browser history, cleans registry for junk values to make your PC run faster, start-up manager, delete log files, remove memory dumps, file shredder, empty recycle bin and more. So, go through this list of free temp file cleaner software and see which ones you like the most.



CCleaner is a free software cleaner for your system. It scans and removes temporary files from the system. Temporary files slow down the system performance. To delete them manually is a tedious task. To do so CCleaner is a nice tool for deleting temporary files. It frees up your valuable hard disk space. It also cleans up traces of your online activities.

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Glary Utilities


Glary Utilities is a free system optimizer. It has various system optimization tools like registry cleaner, disk cleaner, memory optimizer, startup manager, tracks eraser, system restore, and many more. You can delete temporary files with it (from Windows temp folder as well as temporary internet files). Deleting temporary files saves lot of hard disk and also increases the performance of the system.

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SlimCleaner Free


SlimCleaner is a free software that optimizes your PC performance by cleaning, repairing, and updating your PC against the latest threats and issues. It cleans your PC by deleting unnecessary temp files. Temporary files slow down the computer performance and also consume lot of hard disk. Cleaning them is necessary. SlimCleaner can delete these temp files and free up your valuable hard disk easily with few clicks.

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Comodo System-Cleaner


Comodo System Cleaner is a free software that has three useful cleaning utilities: Disk Cleaner, Privacy Cleaner and Registry Cleaner. With its Disk Clean feature you can delete temporary files easily and free up your valuable disk space. Deleting temporary files also boost your PC speed. It has a nice interface and is easy to use.

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FCleaner is a free software for disk cleaning, registry cleaning and system optimization. Temporary files take a lot of space in the system. It is an easy way to clean temporary files with few clicks. It can delete temporary files in various system folders. You can also erase your online activities traces with the help of it.

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Wise Disk Cleaner


Wise Disk Cleaner is a free software that can scan, repair, and defragment your computer to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. You can scan your system for errors and it will find and fix them as possible. Both scanning and fixing takes very less time. Anyone can use it, either a basic user or an advanced user.

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Mz Ultimate Cleaner


Mz Ultimate Cleaner is a free tool that scans your hard disks for temporary files, junk files, browser traces in your system and deletes them. It scans at very high speed. Temporary files slow down your computer performance and web browsers leaves traces of your online activity. It can boost your computer performance by deleting those temp/junk files and protect your privacy by deleting your online activity traces.

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Free Windows Cleanup Tool


Free Windows Cleanup Tool is a free collection of tools to optimize your PC performance. You can remove temporary files/junk files with the help of it. You can delete invalid registry entries. It can clear your internet usage history. It can delete temp files in various system folders. It can boost your system performance by doing above tasks.

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Zappit System Cleaner


Zappit System Cleaner is a free software to cleans various types of temporary files from your hard disk. It can clean Internet tracks by deleting browser history and deleting cookies. It frees up your valuable hard disk space and boosts your system performance by deleting these junk files. It also has a startup manager and a favorites and start menu manager.

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Weeny Free Cleaner


Weeny Free Cleaner is free Windows system cleaner software. You can delete temporary files from various Windows temp folders, clear search history, run history, recent document list, web browser cache, cookies, history etc. It can delete these files securely. It also lets you to clean system registry, repair and backup registry easily.

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