YAC World Fastest & Lightest Free PC Cleaner

Yet Another Cleaner (YAC) is a free all-in-one PC cleaner software, whose features include malware and adware removal, junk files cleanup, and browser/homepage/search engine settings protection. YAC also boasts other useful features such as a system optimizer, software uninstaller, advertisement block, as well as a real time traffic monitor. With a light footstep and easy to use design, YAC will provide tech and non-tech users a quick, easy, and effective PC protection solution.



Every time you use your computer, different files are created. These junk files take up hard disk and internal storage much room that will affect the efficiency of our work.


Privacy files mean that the trace of your visited websites, windows and common used software.It could be stolen by virus for shady practice.Clean up privacy files to enjoy safe cyber life.


Adware tracks your browsing?habits to promote?to you unwanted?pop-ups advertisements or redirect you to unwanted or even malicious webpages. Clean up potential adwares to get rid of annoying ads.


Malicious online plugins can affect the way your web browser operates and redirect your web searches to other dubious websites.Clean up malicious plugins to surf securely.


Detect and remove stubborn malware / hidden adware, against potential danger.


YAC can block any ads such as pop-ups and video ads-even on Facebook and YouTube.


SPEEDUP can intelligently analyze what needs to be optimized to make your computer much faster,including startups, task schemes, services etc. You can review and disable the program and process you don’t need to save the CPU, and you can also recover the optimization at any time.

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