World Viewer Current version 1.0

A Yahoo widget that will let you view webcam images from several locations on the planet

World Viewer is a widget that will show webcam imagesĀ from various locations all over the Globe. This Widget is a more generic camera viewer. The Widget is shipped with camera files from around the world.

When you first run the Widget it will ask you where you want to store the camera files. Once chosen it will copy the camera files shipped. To view cameras from another location, right-click on the Widget and select “Change Location”.

Functionality includes a favorites list, favorites filtering, camera cycling, colored themes, a user defined color theme, camera “thumbnail” view, control bar hiding, and more.

World Viewer

Here are some key features of “World Viewer”:
  • Set images as favorites
  • Toggle favorites filtering – will only show you cams set as favorites
  • Camera cycling – automatically goes to the next camera
  • Colored themes – changes the control bar color (see preferences)
  • User defined color theme (see preferences)
  • Thumbnail view – minimize the current camera to half its size
  • Control bar hiding – hide or display the control bar at the top
  • Automatic image refreshing – see preferences for refresh rates
  • Max Image Width – the widget will scale down images if they are over max. If they are under max size, or the max is set to 0 it shows fullsize
  • Image Thumbnail Width – the size of the thumbnail view. If defined as 0 it will half the size of the full image
  • Camera description positioning – overlay the camera description, change its default settings to appear in the four corners of the image (or off), or change it per-location by clicking and dragging it around inside the image.
  • You can also set its justification to left, right or center by using the context menu and selecting “Description Properties”. Descriptions will automatically be hidden when in thumbnail view.

World Viewer Current version download here



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