WinPatrol – Monitor vulnerable areas of your computer

WinPatrol runs on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.x, & supports all Windows 64 bit features without conflicts with other programs.  The addition of WinPatrol provides a layered security approach required when even legitimate programs allow unwanted toolbars to be installed. When you download from you get a secure, certificate signed application  and nothing unexpected.

WinPatrol was the first program to use a behavioral approach to detect new changes due to infiltrations and Zero-Day attacks. WinPatrol continues to add unique features and remains the smallest, fastest system monitor of its kind. Install WinPatrol anytime you rebuild or purchase a new computer. A snapshot of critical system locations and resources is recorded so if anything changes you’ll know what changed and when!

WinPatrol - Monitor vulnerable areas of your computer (1)

Unlimited use by Immediate Family
Unlimited Computers including future household purch

( Even kids away at school ) * Save notes on files with obscure names
* Find out the data & time files were first activated
* Remove unwanted toolbars
* Delay the startup time for quicker boot time
* Share information on files with other WinPatrol users
* Kill multiple tasks with a single click
* Disable reoccurring autorun programs
WinPatrol PLUS is an investment where you can’t lose!

WinPatrol - Monitor vulnerable areas of your computer (2)

  • One Time fee includes for ALL future WinPatrol versions.
  • No Hidden or Reoccurring Subscription Fees.
  • Single License valid on all your personal desktops and laptops!
  • No Toolbars or other unwanted software
  • WinPatrol PLUS is quicker and faster.
  • Upgrade Now with No Additional Download

Get WinPatrol here free

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