WebFreer Portable ADs Free. WebFreer is built with the open-source Chromium models on which Google Chrome is built, and with HTTPS browsing and privacy options. The Special Edited of WebFreer Browser is ADs Free and Portable,  update is about Proxy IP so you can select proxy server manually between “WebFreer Proxy IP 1” and/or “Proxy IP 2” & 3 and even you can select “skyZIP™ Proxy”.The list of Proxies will update remotely every 12 hours, so you’ll never disconnect and can access the filtered websites from everywhere you live.

WebFreer Portable ADs FreeThis is the Special Edited of WebFreer Browser.
It’s ADs Free and Portable.
* Own Ads Removed.
* Changed home page to google.com .
* Make it Portable.
* Antivirus Alert issue Solved by rebuilding “webfreer.exe”
* You can change Proxy Server manually from SwitchyOmega’s menu.

Bellow extensions added:
Adblock Plus
IDM Integration Module
Pop Up Blocker
HTTPS Everywhere
Hover Zoom+
ClipConverter (For Downloading Youtube Videos)

and many more useful extension.

You can disable extensions that you don’t want, but you cant add extensions to it.

Direct Download 1  

Direct Download 2

WebFreer Portable ADs Free Web Site

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