Vivaldi, a Web browser now in tech preview, caters to power users who expect more from their browsers, letting them interact with content in new and exciting ways. Created by former Opera developers, Vivaldi is built on Chromium, the same platform used for Google Chrome, Comodo Dragon, and, of course, Opera.

On the surface, Vivaldi looks similar to other browsers, but a plethora of tools lie beneath that unassuming interface. Here are our six favorites.

Vivaldi browser

Speed Dial

Vivaldi Speed Dial

Customize your start page with Speed Dial, a popular feature started by Opera and the star attraction in Vivaldi. This iteration is incorporated into your bookmarks, where you manage it the same way you would sort Favorites. Speed Dial links are fully customizable and can be sorted into folders, allowing you to create separate workspaces for any occasion.


Tab stacks

Vivaldi tab stacks

Do you regularly have 20-plus browser tabs open? Vivaldi lets you stack tabs to organize your workspace — just drag one tab on top of another. For example, you might want to stack similar pages to make them easier to locate. Hover your cursor over this stack, and you’ll get a preview of each tab in that group.


Page Actions

Vivaldi Page Actions

In Vivaldi’s lower right-hand bar, you’ll find the zoom slider, an image hider, and Page Actions, which are like Instagram filters for the Web. The Sepia Page Action can make a site look antique, while Inverted changes blinding white pages to less eye-straining colors for easy reading.


Quick Commands

Vivaldi hotkeys

With Vivaldi, you can complete many actions using only a keyboard. Vivaldi has a robust list of Quick Commands that can launch any of the browser’s functions with a few keystrokes. You can customize hotkeys, too — just go to the navigation tab under the browser settings. Vivaldi is still in development and will be adding even more shortcuts.



Vivaldi notes

Getting a jump on Microsoft’s Spartan browser, Vivaldi features its own note-taking function in the application. Press Ctrl-H or click the notepad icon to jot down memos or take a screenshot. You can organize notes in folders and automatically link them to relevant webpages.


Reactive UI

Vivaldi reactive UI

Vivaldi has a crisp, sharp design that complements the flat layout of most modern websites. One standout styling trick: the browser’s borders and menu adapt to the background color of the page you’re currently viewing.

Get Vivaldi browser here

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