SoftRescue Pro Move Software & Files Easily

Restore Apps Easily After Windows Upgrade Or Reinstall

From time to time, all PC’s need to have the operating system reinstalled to restore performance. This process also demands that all applications and files be installed all over again… until now. SoftRescue™ extracts software, games, e-mail, selected folders and files and restores everything onto the newly installed Windows OS, or onto a new PC. The result is a clean install without OS problems, viruses, worms, hijackers, malware or spyware. This rescue compilation is very different from a repair install, ghost image or recovery where viruses, worms etc. are left behind in the system registry.

Move Software & Files Easily

SoftRescue is a tool to help move applications and files from an old PC to a new PC. Reinstalling programs and files from an old PC can take days, even weeks. Leave the hassle to SoftRescue. Don’t waste time looking for the original CDs, license keys and reinstalling applications. SoftRescue transfers most of today’s software and games

Transfer your software, files & settings from your old PC, to your new PCSoftRescue Pro Move Software & Files Easily

Fast and easy installation on all supported Windows platforms

Easy to use interface with step-by-step walkthrough

Manual select and Drag&Drop features

Very high compression level with up to 1:2 ratio

Live update feature provides full auto-update

Desktop and start menu transfer

Every Windows computer becomes slower and loses performance over time. Experts recommend reinstalling Windows every 6-12 months to keep your PC in top health and performance.  In reality most people don’t do this because reinstalling Windows is such a hassle.  You have to find all your original CDs/DVDs and product keys, back up all your data and then spend hours and hours wiping and reinstalling everything.  With SoftRescue, the hard work is done for you.  Simply select the items you want to save, reinstall Windows and then restore the items you want on your freshly installed PC.  Best of all, SoftRescue doesn’t transfer OS problems, viruses, worms, malware, spyware or other junk from your old PC like other solutions.
SoftRescue Pro Edition

  • The natural tool when you just bought a new PC, upgraded system hardware or OS
  • Saves you days of frustrating software and game reinstallations on your new PC
  • SoftRescue™ provides easy step-by-step functionality
  • Backup all your software and games for unexpected Windows errors
  • Easy and automatic transfer without any installation procedures that need your attention
  • You don’t need original license keys, CD’s or DVD’s when you transfer with SoftRescue™
  • Makes your regular Windows® reinstallations completely hassle free

SoftRescue Pro Edition

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