SmyleSafe Safe Browser for PC/Mac lets you decide everything that kids do online on their computer. Constantly monitor your children’s Internet browsing. It also tells you everything that you should but you don’t. SmyleSafe Browser for Windows/Mac desktop provides your kids a safe Internet zone where they surf everything that is monitored, filtered and looked-after by you.
Categorized Website Blocking

Allow or block specific website categories. For instance, you can choose to block social networking or instant messaging websites for young teens or you can filter only adult and violent content for older teens. You can also setup your own customized categories.
Age-Based Content Filtering
Choose from SmyleSafe age groups that best matches your child’s age. This will automatically block content inappropriate for your child’s age. You can also allow or deny access to any website your child requests.
Restrict Applications

Block any applications you don’t want your child to use. The application will not run. For instance, you can block other web browsers to make sure they access only what you see fit for them. You can also block your child from Facebook or game apps.

Internet Location Tracking
Internet coordinates acquired through the ISP IP address of the computer are recorded every 30 minutes to help you see the exact geo-locations of your kids, wherever they go.
Enable Kiosk Mode

This unique feature helps parents to let the Internet open for surfing but only for related information only. In other words, it never lets the user interfere with the browser or computer settings and runs comfortably in full screen.
Parent Online Dashboard
You will be able to login to the SmyleSafe website to view your child’s web visits, including any blocked sites they tried to visit. You can also view GPS locations along with a map. You can approve your child’s access requests and adjust settings as well.

Mobile time restriction

Blacklist /Whitelist Individual URLs

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