Secure Browser has the world’s first browser integrated security management console.  Designed with one goal in mind, make it simple for users to understand and manage their security and privacy features, we think you’ll enjoy using Secure Browser.  Download today and begin browsing the web more safely.

Safer Technologies is a security software company the specializes in building and distributing desktop software that is fast, secure and safe.


Are you a security or privacy oriented company wishing to compliment, monetize and extend your services via a custom branded browser?  Our expert team can work with you to design and craft the right solution.  Contact us today!


The Secure Browser platform is built on Chromium, the same browser platform as Google Chrome. With the ultra-fast Blink rendering engine and fully customizable Security & Privacy Center, we provide a robust, flexible and scalable platform.


With toolbars and plug-ins virtually obsolete, are you struggling to replace lost revenue? Whether it’s our Secure Browser or your own private label, we can quickly help you get it back and more.


The Safer Technologies team is highly partner centric. We have deep knowledge and experience helping third parties deploy products & services with some of the leading technology companies in the world.


Our Secure Browser platform was designed to be more than a web viewer and search monetization product. If your goal is to extend your products and services to gain new paying customers, our browser platform can help.

Secure Browser security & privacy DOWNLOAD

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