SaferVPN, as the name points out, is a VPN service – an ultra-fast VPN service as the developer explained. Launch the SaferVPN application, sign into your SaferVPN account, and you will be able to connect to servers from all corners of the world – US, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, and more. Once you’re connected, your real IP address is hidden away; once you’re connected, you’re surfing the web on an encrypted and secure connection. This means you can access websites that are not available in your region, you can surf the web anonymously, you can surf the web safe in the knowledge that no one can snoop on you.

SaferVPN is available for multiple platforms: Microsoft’s Windows operating system, Apple’s Mac OS X and Apple’s iOS mobile operating system. A version for Google’s Android mobile operating system is in the works at the time of writing this.

To get started with SaferVPN on your Windows PC, you must perform two tasks. First up, you must install the SaferVPN software on your PC – since this is a simple process, I’m sure you won’t have any problems installing SaferVPN on your PC. When you’re done installing SaferVPN, you will have to create an account; once you’re done with that, use your login credentials to log into SaferVPN and start using the VPN service.

SaferVPN’s interface is divided into two panels.
The one on the left hand side lists all the servers you can connect to. You can connect to a server in the US, to a server in the UK, to a server in Germany, to a server in the Netherlands, and more.
The one on the right lists information about your connection: VPN protocol, public IP address, time connected, status. The panel on the right hand side also features a large, green Connect button.

Select a server from the left hand side, click the large, green Connect button, and SaferVPN will connect to the VPN server you select. If you connect to a server in the US, your IP will be changed with an US IP; all the websites you visit will think you’re from the US, when in fact you’re from Romania, for example. All the web surfing you do while connected to a VPN server is done on an encrypted connection – this means you’re safe from anyone who wants to snoop on you, hack you, or track you.

SaferVPN is free to use for a period of 24 hours. When the trial expires, you will have to get a paid SaferVPN plan. The nice thing here is that several plans are available for purchase. Another nice thing is that you can refer a friend and both of you get a free month of SaferVPN.

Stay anonymous, stay safe, access anything you want on the web. Thanks to SaferVPN you can hide away your real IP, surf on an encrypted connection, and access content that is unavailable in your region.

SaferVPN is available for multiple platforms. You can easily install SaferVPN on your Windows PC and you can easily sign up for a SaferVPN account. The SaferVPN interface is very easy to use. You can connect to servers from all over the world. Once connected, you surf the web on an encrypted connection. Your real IP is hidden away, thus allowing you to surf the web anonymously and allowing you to access content that is unavailable in your region. Multiple plans are available for purchase; you can refer a friend and both of you get a free month of SaferVPN.

Trial limitations: free to use for 24 hours.

You can download SaferVPN free here.

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