RoboCraft Game

Robosraft is a free multiplayer arcade shooter game with RPG elements, allowing to create your own fighting machine and battle with your opponents. The game is unusual in comparison with other games of this genre, not every game allows you to create your own fighting machine, while it can be a fly or terrestrial. The only thing that can limit you in creating your war machine – it’s your imagination, well, there are some laws of physics. To improve your technique, you need to kill your enemies or capture their bases during the battle .The winning team gets the extra money and points for leveling technology. You can download Robosraft absulutely free and create your own, strong and impressive war machine!


Robosraft main features:

  • Realistic phisycs;
  • No limits on construction of war machines;
  • Couple game modes;
  • Single player and multiplayer;
  • Active community and forums;
  • Absolutely free Robosraft download.

Robosraft allows you to play in a single player mode, or play with your friends to coordinate all actions on the battlefield. But since the game has lots of options to create your machine, it can help the group to operate much more efficiently in comparison to other players. There is a system of pumping your profile and combat vehicles. For obtaining a new level of your profile, you need to get more “CPU” points, and it will improve your traffic and make it much more powerful than it is. Pumping the same transport will affect your ranking in comparison with your opponents.

Get RoboCraft Game here

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