Online Photo Booth Application : Seenly

Seenly is a free online photo booth application to take snaps using your webcam. Here, you can opt to take a normal pic or one with effects in it. In addition, it lets you save and share images online. For using this online photo booth application you don’t require any extra software. All you need is a webcam, a live internet connection, and a modern web browser. It is not mandatory to register in order to get started with Seenly free photo booth application. On visiting  the homepage you will be provided with following interface.

Using  Seenly Online Photo Booth Application:

  • Begin with a click on ‘Start Seenly’ link placed on bottom section. After click you will be taken to a new webpage containing a flash based window for showing live feed from the camera connected to the PC. You might be prompted to authorize Seenly to access your webcam. If yes, then click on ‘allow’ button to proceed.


  • Soon after authorization, the cam feed will be visible. Then you need to click on ‘effects’ button for selecting any of the 12 free online effects.
  • Then click on camera icon on the screen to take the shot. Online photo booth will capture the pic after a delay of three seconds giving you enough time for making adjustments.
  • Next, you can click on ‘Save’ button to save image online. In case, you are not satisfied, click on ‘Take Another’ button to capture a new one.  The best part about this free online photo booth application is that the previously taken images are not lost until you make your final selection. All snaps taken by you can be viewed in the horizontal panel placed in bottom.


* Everything seems fine with Seenly other than the watermark logo placed in the bottom-right section of the image.

Seenly free online photo booth application is a simple free online photo booth application. The supported number of effects are somewhat low in comparisons to similar applications.  Fotofriend online photo booth application is a good alternative that you can try.

* Must be noted that Seenly will delete all inappropriate imaged on detection. Also, do not attempt using it an a free online image hosting service.

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