Are you worried that your employees are wasting time at their workstation? If your instincts are telling you that they are, then you are likely correct. But how can you know what they are doing without looking over their shoulder? Net Orbit allows you to simultaneously monitor every computer’s screen in real time. You can also block activities and perform admin commands.

A practical and effective application that enables you to view multiple user screens simultaneously and manage your entire network

Benefits of Net Orbit Monitoring and Remote Control

After you install this small application to each computer on your network, you can begin watching over employees or students from your desk. You instantly gain the ability to perform a variety of network monitoring features. Some of these are outlined below.

Net Orbit Control (1)

  • Watch All Screens LIVE on YOUR PC!
  • View Any Desktop LIVE in Full Screen Mode!
  • Silently Log All Computer Activities!
  • Chat With Employees and Share Files!
  • Broadcast Your Screen to Employees!
  • Hands-on Annotation of Screens!
  • Perform Commands Such as Lock or Reboot!

This software allows you to watch over your entire network to monitor computer activity. You can visually pinpoint problem individuals with ease. Send a public or private message, lock or reboot a PC, view a PC’s processes or annotate (write on) an employee’s screen!

Monitor and control users on any type of network!

Net Orbit is suitable for all sorts of paramount system network monitoring environments including the following:

  • Employee Networks
  • Call Centers
  • Data Entry Centers
  • Corporate Intranet
  • Government Network
  • City/County Intranet
  • Student Networks
  • Classroom of PC’s
  • Computer Lab
  • Entire School Network
  • School District Intranet
  • Home Network

Net Orbit Control (1)

Get Net Orbit Control here

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