Learn About Museums Of The World for Windows 8Museums Of The World is a free Windows 8 app that gives information of the museums from all over the world. Using the app you can search for the museums,exhibitions and other cultural events around you, and find out what’s trending and latest in the world of museums. You can view the latest feeds that are related to museums or cultural events,view galleries from museums around the world, like the feeds, pictures and comment on them.

The app also tells the information about the museum like the location in Bing map, it’s websitecontact numbersopening hoursticket information, and many more. All the information are up to date and correct. The app also lets you mark museums, events, exhibitions, etc. as your favorites, and lets you have quick access to them. Museums of the World is a perfect app for travelers, students, historians, art and culture lovers, and people who are always keen to know new things around them.

You can get the app in the Travel Category in Windows Store.

Learning about Museums and events using the app:

The app is well laid out in tiles and when you launch the app, you’ll be with theDashboard which shows the latest and trending news and feeds from the museum around the world. Plus you can also search for museums, exhibitions that are happening near you. You can also search for your favorites and what’s new from the museums from the dashboard itself. The app needs you to have an account in order to like and comment on contents. You can sign up with your Facebook account. Below you can see a screenshot of Museums of The World Dashboard.


Searching for a museum is very easy, you can search them by their name or the museums that are near by your location, and add city and country filters to your searches. You can also search a museum according to your favorites. All you have to do is click on the museum tile in the dashboard and you’ll be directed to the museum screen where there are self explanatory buttons to search for museums. In order to add city and country filters, simply right click and choose the desired filter. Same is the steps for searching the exhibitions.


Another good feature of the app is that you can easily view all the latest and trending feeds from all over the world. This lets you to stay connected with people around the world. You can also like the contents, add them to your favorites, and share your view by commenting on the contents (though the comment and like options didn’t work in my case). The favorite button on the dashboard is pretty useful, and lets you quickly access the favorite contents and see what’s the latest development in them. Just go to the desired museum’s screen and click on the heart icon (top right on the screen).


Key features of Museums Of The World:

  • Free app for Widows 8.
  • Good information about museums, exhibitions, and events.
  • Good textual and pictorial contents from all over the world.
  • Search option for searching museums and exhibitions based on your GPS location.
  • Latest feeds about upcoming events and exhibitions.
  • Option to make  favorites for museums, exhibitions, events, and collections.
  • Well laid out tiles.
  • Interactive UI.
  • Easy to use.

Final Verdict:

Museums Of The World is a great app to know your world a little more. It gives access to museums all over the world. The amount of information is appreciable. It’s quick and easy. The detailed presentation and gallery gives all the necessary information needed. You can use the app to find new museums around you and later visit them. The app brings all the museums around the world in one place. Try the app it’s free.

Get Museums Of The World here.


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