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Here, is a list of free educational game software specially designed for kids. If you are a busy parent running short on time for personally educating or teaching your child, then it’s worth trying out these educational software which can entertain and side by side educate your kids. Whether it be numbers, alphabets or anything else, these educational software make your child understand the basic concept in a playful manner without any scolding. Download these educational games and let your kids experience learning in playful manner.

Bubble Sums


Bubble Sums is a free educational game which focuses on enhancing your child’s addition and subtraction knowledge. This free math enhancing game is designed for enhancing your child’s mathematical calculation. In this game, large bubbles with mathematical equations fly overhead, which you need to burst. Your child needs to burst these bubbles using the bubble gun which can be freely moved to any direction. User needs to type the answer using number keys on keyboard for mathematical equation displayed within a bubble and aim the crosshair to that bubble. Then shoot it immediately with the small bubble with your answer. If the answer for the equation is correct, then both the bubbles will burst. In case, if it’s wrong then only the small bubble will burst, so you have to try again. Bubble Sums offers a fun way to enhance addition and subtraction, two main concepts in mathematics.

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ChildsPlay is a free educational program which is basically a collection of educational games to educate your child. Apart from learning alphabets and numbers, your kids will learn about colors, animals and their sounds and even offers a puzzle game to make your child sharper before he joins school. Sound effects and animations takes the learning experience to the next level and allows your kids to learn playfully. ChildsPlay is not a tiny software, as it includes several games to educate your child. It comes in a file size of 31 MB. If your child gets bored with a game, press the Esc key and switch to any other game which your child is interested in. Give a fun-filled learning experience to your child with the help of ChildsPlay.

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Alphabet Mahjong


Alphabet Mahjong is another free educational game specially designed for the preschoolers to educate them with alphabets and numbers in a fun way. This educational game is easy to play, as your child simply needs to select the tiles which matche the falling tile. All the matching tiles need to be selected before the new selection is offered. Suppose if a tile containing D letter falls, you need to click the tiles containing D letter from the group of tiles on the left side before this program makes a new selection. The Good part is that this program includes tiles containing both numbers and alphabets. So this way, your child will learn to identify letters and alphabets. Alphabet Mahjong offers a fun way to identify letters and numbers.

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Ray’s Letters And Numbers


Ray’s Letters And Numbers is a free educational game which helps your child to learn letters, numbers, basic spellings, counting, etc in a very simple and playful way. This free educational program teaches your child “How to pronounce letters and numbers? This free educational game includes 4 activities to teach and entertain your child, and they are number fun, color fun, everyday objects and alphabets game. This free educational program even allows your child to enhance his/her keyboard skills by using keyboard while playing these games. Ray’s Letters And Numbers is Specially Designed for the kids aged between 3-6 years old. Download Ray’s Letters And Numbers for free to make your kids learn basics in a fun way.

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Lujosoft Kids Math


Lujosoft Kids Math is a free maths enhancing educational software to learn addition, subtraction, mutiplication and division in a fun way. This education game has got a very basic and straight user-interface, which makes everything clear to your child. This math enhancing game imposes a time limit, so within the time limit a user must finish off with all the mathematical equations that appear in the screen. This educational game even let’s you choose the difficulty level, and operation to do between addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and mix. This free educational program is specially designed for kids ageing between 5 to 9 years. Download this Lujosoft Kids Math for free.

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