Free Pacman Game Capman – Windows 8

Free Pacman Game Capman – Windows 8

The whole gameplay of the app is similar to the old age arcade video game PACMAN, which is eating all the pallets without getting caught up by the ghosts. You get three lives in total, using which you have to eat all the pallets and advance to next level. If you get touched by any of the ghosts, then you lose one life.

Pacman was a huge hit at the time it got released. It is among one of the immensely popular coin operated machine video games of all time. There are later versions of the game for TV video games and for Playstations as well, but the classic still remains on the top!

You can get this free Pacman game app for Windows 8 under the Games Category in Windows Store.


Pacman App for Windows 8:

The game is very addictive as the original was; it’s just simple to play! There’s no rocket science involved for learning to play this game. The whole concept is kept as original, even the gameplay and interface is just the same. Keeping things as original helps in connecting to the game, as it brings back all the memories associated with playing the game when you were young. This is strong factor which makes people love to play this version of Pacman Game.


The game is in very low graphics as compared to the original game. However, the texts, the mazes, and the characters, all look and feel the same. Though this time, the controls are changed; now you’ll be using keyboard and mouse/touch to control the Pacman.

Use the arrow keys to control Pacman through keyboard, or left click and hold or press the screen with finger to move Pacman in the direction you want. The ghosts who’ll chase and ultimately kill you (Pacman) are also the same. There are Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. They’ll try their best to chase you down, so try not to get in touch with them. There’s some pattern in the movement of ghosts, which they always follow. You can use the hint option which is an additional feature in this Pacman for Windows 8, to find out the movement patterns.

Turning on the hint option shows you the locations in the maze, where the ghosts are looking at particular point of time. So, you can use this help option against the ghosts and stay away from them.


The game stages are of medium difficulty, and it is possible to play and clear the stages. The rules of Power Pallets which are in bigger size than usual pallets, still applies to this version of  Pacman Game App For Windows 8. That is, if you eat these then you’ll have the temporary ability to eat ghosts. Eating ghosts gives you points and this helps in eating other pallets and fruits.

Besides this, using the hints helps a lot. If you need more help then you can choose the HELP option (screenshot above) present at the Start Screen. This help guide covers up everything about the game.

Key Features of this free Pacman Game app for Windows 8:

  • Freely available.
  • Good version of Pacman Game app for Windows 8.
  • Recreates the old look and feel.
  • Same gameplay as original.
  • Hint option, which is a great help for clearing levels.
  • Three lives as original.
  • Well detailed help guide.
  • Playable and clearable stages.

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Final Take on the Game App:

Capman is a good copy of the original Pacman game. It is addictive, and you won’t get bored because the difficulty level increases with each stage; this will make you glued to the game.

All in all, it’s a good Pacman Game app for Windows 8. The developer has tried to keep things as original as possible, with added features. Definitely a must try app.

Get Capman here.

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