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AVAST Software, maker of the most trusted antivirus in the world, avast! Free Antivirus. Free Antivirus scored 100% for each malware set tested.

For more than 25 years, Windows has been under attack from viruses, and since then it has been estimated that there are 20,000 new viruses cropping out in the wild everyday. While all this was developing, the Mac has been largely unscathed. That is, until fairly recently. There have been several successful social engineering attempts at the Mac and virus and malware threats have become very real.

The second standard measured is the number of false positives generated when scanning. A false positive warning happens when a file is erroneously tagged as a virus or malware, when in fact the file does not possess such malicious code and is not a virus or malware. avast! Free Antivirus had zero false positives and got a perfect score on both standards showing it has what it takes to handle newly emerging malware and accurately detect previously unknown malware.

Speed and performance measures are also taken and avast! Free Antivirus earned the highest Stability rating, Solid: No issues observed, as opposed to Stable, Fair, or Buggy.

avast! Internet Security includes all the features you need to be safeAvast-for-Mac

  • Sandbox An isolated virtual environment, so risky sites and apps cannot harm your PC.
  • Antivirus Protects your PC from virus, spyware, and other malware infections.
  • Remote assistance Lets a friend help if you have trouble with your computer.
    • SafeZone A clean, virtual browser window prevents theft of banking data.
    • Anti-spam Stops malicious and time-consuming email scams.
    • Firewall Secures your data by blocking hacker attacks.

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UK – NEW PRODUCT: avast! Internet Security Version 8. Buy Now at a £10.00 Off Discounted Rate. Click Here! Offer Expires 12/31/16


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