Dashlane – The world’s best password manager

The world’s best password manager & secure digital wallet.

Dashlane’s free password manager securely stores IDs, passwords & other important information in a secure password vault. Sign up for free!

The password manager perfected.

Keeping track of passwords and making them secure is startlingly simple with Dashlane’s free password manager. Automatically import your passwords from Firefox or any other browser into your secure password vault. Save any missing passwords as you browse. Make a new password right within your browser. Get automatic alerts when websites get breached.

And with our auto-login, you will never have to type any password on any of your devices again. It’s that simple.

Store any and all payment types.

digitalwallet_storeCredit cards, debit cards, bank info, PayPal… pay any way you like using your online wallet.

Dashlane automatically saves receipts & screenshots of your purchases.

digitalwallet_receiptsStore itemized receipts of any purchase in your digital wallet, with screenshots to know exactly where you’ve been shopping.

The most accurate and elegant way  to autofill forms on the web

Smart form autofill that works – not some of the time, or even most of the time – every time. Stop wasting time checking if everything filled right, and correcting all the mistakes. Stop leaving your data unencrypted in your browser cache.

The only secure digital wallet that’s universally accepted.

Securely store your payment types in Dashlane’s online wallet. Get express checkout and flawless form filling everywhere you shop online. Automatically capture receipts of all your purchases. Always have your digital wallet on you, and never have to store your credit cards on sites that you don’t completely trust.

Get Free Dashlane – The world’s best password manager here


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