If you are Google Chrome user, you’re likely aware that it comes with a default translation feature that automatically prompts you to translate a page when it detects you are on website not in the language set as default in your web browser. It’s a really neat feature that can prove extremely useful if you often visit foreign sites. Firefox, however, doesn’t come with such a feature by default. However, there are several add-ons available for Mozilla’s browser that you can use to easily translate foreign text to your own language without having to manually copy and paste the text into Google Translate or some other translation service. S3.Google Translator is one such extension that does the job perfectly, though the translation has to be initiated manually by you the first time you visit a foreign page.

 Upon installation, the add-on restarts your web browser and then appears in a toolbar of its own just below the URL bar. It carries two drop=down menus: Translation from and Translation to. The first drop down can be set to Auto detect, which will make S3 automatically figure out the language the web page is in. When you visit a foreign language web page, the add-on doesn’t initiate translation until you manually ask it to do so by clicking the ‘Translate the Page’ button (pointed in the screenshot below).

S3.Google-Translator-Firefox-extensionS3.Google Translator adds the power of Google Translate’s automatic translations to your browser!
It supports translation of selected text, entered phrase or whole webpage between any of 80+ languages.

New Feature: Language learning!
Now you can not only translate, but also learn the selected language!


S3.Google Translator – this extension for Firefox browser make much easy visit of websites on foreign language.

Firefox S3.Google Translator

The extension uses the Google translation public API http://translate.google.com/ and therefore it have more than 80 languages which you can use for translation.

Also, the extension able to auto-detect the language of the original text.

There are a lot of simple and complex extensions for Firefox browser but they all have same problem: when translating, the format of selected text is lost, while S3.Google Translator retains the HTML formatting of web pages.

I hope that this extension will be very useful for you.

Mozilla’s Pick of the Month: S3.Google Translator

added: multi-language panel in google-widget for “translate full page”
added: select text with Alt-key for (automatic) “on the fly translation”
added: button “Copy text to Clipboard”

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